PEAL is a statewide organization educating and empowering families.  We have created this searchable guide to compile information about human service organizations in local communities across PA.  To update your organization's information or request that your organization be added to the guide, please contact us.
155 West 8th Street, Suite 316, Erie, PA, 16501-1043
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Pennsylvania’s Early Learning Resource Centers (ELRCs) provide a single point-of-contact for families, early learning service providers, and communities to gain information and access services that support high-quality child care and early learning programs. ELRCs consolidate the work of former Child Care Information Service Agencies (CCIS) and the former Regional Keys to create an enhanced resource and referral system for communities seeking early learning services and supports.

Whether you are a parent or guardian looking for child care or you are an early learning professional looking for professional development opportunity or technical assistance for your program, your ELRC can help you understand the quality of a child care/early learning program and help you help children in Pennsylvania grow! For a young child, everything is a learning experience. An early learning program, such as child care or Head Start, can affect how well children do in kindergarten, school, and in life.

717 State St., Suite 500, Erie, PA, 16501 0.36 km
1601 Sassafras St., Erie, PA, 16502 0.89 km
1316 Holland St., P.O. Box 958, Erie, PA, 16512 0.91 km
814-461-2000 814-461-2000 
1611 Peach St., Suite 120, Erie, PA 16501 0.95 km
100 Barber Pl. Erie, PA, 16507 2.32 km
1062 Brown Ave., Suite 400, Erie, PA 16502 2.36 km
1062 Brown Ave., Suite 2008, Erie, PA, 16502 2.36 km
1107 Payne Ave., Erie, PA, 15605 3.12 km
814 874-0064814 874-0064
814 874-3497
3410 W 12th St., Erie, PA, 16506 6.88 km
814-838-8115 (TTY)814-838-8115 (TTY)
252 Waterford Street, Edinboro, PA, 16412-2315 27.89 km
18282 Technology Drive, Suite 101, Meadville, PA, 16335 52.92 km
847 North Main St., Suite 110, Meadville, PA, 16335 54.33 km
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