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Partnering with Your Child’s Provider

As your child’s most consistent caregiver, you know your CYSHCN in a way that no one else does. To ensure your child’s health care needs are met, it’s important to develop partnerships with your child’s doctors and other providers.

Preparing for an Office Visit & Talking with Your Child’s Provider (Tip Sheet)

Partnering with Your Child’s Health Plan

Families play a critical role in partnering with their child’s provider. They often coordinate their child’s health care among several providers. Health plans can benefit from learning more about CYSHCN from families who have been there, done that.

Build Effective Partnerships (Tip Sheet)

In this Tip Sheet:

  • — Identifying Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs
  • — Ensuring Appropriate Care
  • — Primary Care and Specialty Care Referrals
  • — Mental Health and Behavioral Health Services
  • — Care Coordination and Case Management
  • — Resolving Disagreements About Care
  • — Involving Families in Policy and Program Activities
  • — Ready to be a Family Leader?

The Well Planner Visit

Online ToolkitFamily Voices Inc.

  • — Online tool to help families prepare for their children’s upcoming well-child visits to the health care provider. Also available in Spanish.

Engaging Families in Improving the Health Care Systems for CYSHCN

Fact Sheet, Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health

Evidence shows patient outcomes improve when health providers who care for CYSHCN actively partner with families and caregivers, in what is known as family-centered care.