Learning On Your Own (LOYO) [For Session 2]

1. Complete Exercise 1 – Navigating the Maze  – who helped you learn about services? Create a “care map” for your child, children, young adult or family, see attachment to learn more about it. Consider the following reflection questions after you complete it:

    • Discoveries – what did you learn?
    • Intentions – how will you apply this?
    • Where did you need more info?  
    • Clarification? 
    • How do you feel about navigating healthcare?

Exercise #1 – navigating the maze

PA Systems map Fall 2018

Care Map Example

Navigating 2023 handouts


2. Burning Issue Worksheet

  • Refine your idea
  • Do some research and thinking
  • Fill in the remaining questions – we will work in small groups to help each other develop a strong plan
  • Bring your child’s IEP and most recent Evaluation or Reevaluation Report to Session 2
  • Check in scheduled for 5:00 PM on October 20th

3.    Locate your student’s most recent IEP or 504 plan, or another plan relevant to for your young adult’s goals. This could be related to a Life Course Plan (learn more about Life Course at https://disabilityhubmn.org/hub-tools/activities-and-guides/charting-the-lifecourse/ (see 3 planning tool attachments).

4.    Check out the Education ABC’s document from PaTTAN

5.    Check out the Inclusive Schooling website

Learning On Your Own (LOYO) [For Session 3]

Procedural Safeguards Notice

Rights Done Right Video Assignments

  1. Rights Done Right video clips​​! For your assigned video clips:​​
  • Find your assigned video in the LOYO document attached here about procedural safeguards
  • Locate the section of the procedural safeguards notice, also attached here, that addresses your topic​​
  • Individually read your section of the Procedural Safeguards Notice and highlight important information​​
  • View your 2 videos before you come to Session 3
  1. Prepare your Elevator Speech!  You will each be giving your short speech as discussed last week to the group – which will be very casual and relaxed.

If you are having issues accessing these materials, please reach out to Anya Fredrickson at [email protected]