How are You Getting Involved this Summer?

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Tired of the winter chill yet? Take a minute to fast forward to that warm summer sun, because now is the time to start thinking about how you want to spend your summer! Those months when you are out of school are a great opportunity to build skills and experience. Whether it is paid or volunteer, summer jobs and other involvement like internships and job shadowing can show commitment, demonstrate skills, and create references to use in the future. The same goes for summer learning experiences – online lessons, extended school year, or auditing college courses. Do not forget to make time for things and people you enjoy.

Examples of Summer Involvement could be:

  1. Employment: paid or volunteer work, internships, or job shadowing
  2. Education: Extended School Year, auditing college courses, or another educational program
  3. Other Learning Experiences: community classes (cooking, pottery, etc.) or practicing money management
  4. Summer Camps: overnight camps or day programs
  5. Have Fun: make time to do things that you enjoy and are passionate about. Relax. Spend time outside. Visit with friends and family

Need more ideas? Talk to your teachers, family, friends, parents of friends, neighbors, OVR staff, or the PEAL Center’s Youth Coordinators

For more resources about why it’s important to get involved and some ideas of how to find these opportunities check out the links below:

NCLD’s INTERNSHIPS: THE ON-RAMP TO EMPLOYMENT A Guide for Students with Disabilities to Getting and Making the Most of an Internship

Life After IEPs Summer Internships & Pre-College Programs Article

TeenHealth’s Finding a Summer Job or Internship (Also available en español)


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