The PEAL Center has developed several publications on various topics of interest to parents, professionals, and individuals with disabilities. Select a publication from those listed here and print an electronic (PDF) version of the document.


PEAL News is a quarterly newsletter to help both families and professionals stay informed of local, regional, and national issues related to inclusion, special education, and special health care needs. The newsletter is available in electronic and printed form.

Read the Fall/Winter 2018 of the PEAL News:
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Read the Spring 2018 edition of PEAL News:
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Read the Summer 2017 edition of PEAL News:
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Leer la Otoño/Invierno 2018 de PEAL News:
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Leer la edición de primavera 2018 de PEAL News:
Leer la edición de verano 2017 de PEAL News:
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