Learning on Your Own (LOYO) for Session 2

  1. Read the Guidebook introduction and sections 1 & 2 (this, along with other needed materials can be found in the webpage) Guidebook: https://servingongroups.org/guidebook-sections/
  2. Review the resources from the PowerPoint and, using Padlet share items that you find to be valuable to a leader. Click here to enter your items on the Padlet
  3. Complete the Making Action Plans System (MAPS) self-reflection. (Click on the hyperlink for the instructions)
  4. Review Epstein’s Six Principles, list one example of each and add these to the Padlet. Click here to access the Padlet

Learning on Your Own (LOYO) for Session 3

  1. Read Guidebook Sections 3 & 4 (Guidebook: https://servingongroups.org/guidebook-sections/)
  2. Review the resources of sections 1 and 2 (Link: https://servingongroups.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/Guidebook-Sectional-Resource-List.pdf)
  3. Activity 41b Shared Decision Making, complete graphic organizer for a group with which you are familiar. Be prepared to share in a small group
  4. Visit this website and review content related to Tokenism, https://dynamicboards.co.uk/blogs-tokenism-on-boards/. Watch the first 6 min of the video and add ideas to the Padlet about your thoughts about tackling tokenism

Learning on Your Own (LOYO) for Session 4

  1. Read Guidebook introduction and sections 5 & 6 (Guidebook: https://servingongroups.org/guidebook-sections/)
  2. Attend a meeting of any sort for a minimum of an hour, identify the type of group, tools and processes used. (The WHY: while the information from this session is fresh in your mind, we’d like you to attend any type of meeting to apply your learning, observe processes and procedures used by a group. Don’t stress yourself if this isn’t possible but please do your best.)
  3. Review the Roberts Rules of Order handout
  4. Complete the Leadership Checklist found at https://kenosha.extension.wisc.edu/files/2010/10/LeadershipSurvey.pdf and be prepared to discuss areas you’d like to focus on developing.
  5. Read the article concerning persuasion and be prepared to share a one sentence response in the Padlet about its importance

Learning on Your Own (LOYO) for Session 5

  1. Read Guidebook section 7 (Guidebook: https://servingongroups.org/guidebook-sections/)
  2. Activity: read this LinkedIn article related to data, while based on business, what gems can you identify for your own situation? What is your ruby slipper dream? Be prepared to share in the chat.
  3. Visit the CADRE website – What skills do you possess/ need to work on regarding problem solving?

Learning on Your Own (LOYO) for Session 6

  1. Read Guidebook Section 8 (Guidebook: https://servingongroups.org/guidebook-sections/)
  2. Complete a Leadership Action Plan for yourself (download to fill out). You will be asked to share this in a small group.
  3. Activity: Complete Working with Data
  4. Read the article and, using the prepared Padlet, list some valuable aspects to mentoring other leaders.