Ana Pacheco

Ana Pacheco is an accomplished disability and education rights advocate. Ana led the movement for inclusion of the Latino community in intellectual disability services and resources. She coordinated the Latino Project for statewide trainings and outreach for the PA Partnership Training for People with Disabilities and Family Members. In 2009 the Governor appointed Ana for a second term on the State Advisory Panel in Special Education. She is a Special Advisor for Elwynn SEEDS (Special Education for Early Development Success) of Philadelphia for the Parent Partnership Program. Ana joined the PEAL Center in Philadelphia as a Spanish-speaking Family Resource Specialist to support families statewide whose first language is Spanish. Ana has a son, Joel, who received a special education from the School District of Philadelphia and graduated in 2010. Through her daily support and direct care of Joel, Ana became an accomplished disability and education rights advocate.

Team Information

 Family Resource Specialist, Bilingual, Español
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