Barbara Dyer

Barbara Dyer holds a master’s degree in Human Services from Murray State University. She worked in higher education as a student affairs administrator for 20 years before moving back home to the Pittsburgh area. She’s been at Mainstay Life Services for the last 10 years where she is currently a Community Services Coordinator. Mainstay Life Services is an agency that provides both community and residential supports to men and women with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Allegheny, Butler, Washington, and Westmoreland counties. She is the director of a month-long summer respite program that gives family members and full-time caregivers a break while their loved one attends an out of home respite experience held on a Pittsburgh University campus. Additionally, she has helped organize and advise a group of self-advocates at Mainstay, encouraging them to use their voices and take control of their lives.

Since 2015, Barb has been a crisis prevention/staff effectiveness trainer using the Devereux Safe & Positive Approaches Curriculum. In 2019, she completed a three-day workshop on Social Role Valorization (SRV) theory as well as a five day workshop on how to use SRV theory to complete PASSING, an assessment tool used to measure how well human services agencies are providing opportunities to enhance the image and competencies of the most vulnerable members in our communities. She is keen on facilitating opportunities for community inclusion and advocacy for all people with disabilities.

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