Dorene Ciletti, Ph.D.

Dorene is the H.J. Heinz Endowed Chair and Associate Professor of Marketing and
Sales in the Rowland School of Business at Point Park University where she
manages the marketing and sales program, and a passionate supporter of inclusive
education. Prior to this role, she served as an  Acting Director of the Center for
Leadership in Professional Selling, Director of the Marketing Honors Institute,
and Assistant Professor of Marketing at Duquesne University where her grant-
funded work on sales and social responsibility increased student understanding of
the value of diversity and inclusion. She serves on the Mt. Lebanon Partnership
community development board and co-chairs the ULTRAparty event, a summer
street party that supports the community and autism-related organizations.

She was introduced to the PEAL Center when her daughter was an invited panel
member at a PEAL conference several years ago. She believes the potential for
understanding and acceptance of those with differing abilities is greatly increased
when they are included in the community and their educational setting.


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