Transition Tuesdays: A Webinar Series

Steps for Successful Secondary Transition Planning

October 27th 2020 Outside Agencies Collaborating with Schools & Families

November 24th 2020 Transition Assessments

January 26th 2021 Post-Secondary Education, Employment, and Independent Living Goals

Delayed due to technical difficulties, recorded on February 9th. 

Feburary 23rd 2021 Thoughtful Courses of Study

Handout for this Webinar:

March 23rd 2021 Transition Services & Activities

Handout for this Webinar:

April 27th 2021 Measurable Annual IEP Goals & Post-Secondary Goals Aligned

May 25th 2021 Ongoing Secondary Transition Process Including Progress Monitoring & Assessment

June 22nd 2021 The Move to Adult Healthcare