Your Child’s Transition from Preschool Early Intervention to School Age Programs!

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Your child is growing up and it is time to talk about moving from Preschool to Kindergarten or First grade!

New skills to learn, friends, and teachers are waiting for your child and family.

“What do these experiences look like? What should we expect? What is next?”

These are important questions that will engage you as an active participant in your child’s transition.

As part of your child’s preschool early intervention Individualized Educational Plan, the team will develop a transition plan that can include activities, dates of meetings, timelines, etc.

This planning starts the year before your child will be of age to be enroll in kindergarten or first grade.

Each child is unique and every family embraces a vision for their child’s future – being included with peers at school is often a part of this vision.

Families have opportunities to make informed decisions about how their child will be educated. One important decision that the IEP team makes is how much time your child will be educated with peers who do not have disabilities.

Remember: Special education is a service not a place – there is a preference for special education services and supports to be delivered within the general education classroom, rather than the child leaving the general education classroom in order to receive services and supports.

It is important for your family to understand the different steps of the process to better advocate for your child as you plan with the IEP team.

Remember, you know your child best and you are an important member of your child’s team.

Resources to empower you in this important and exciting moment of your child education are listed below. Contact PEAL if you need assistance related to your child’s transition to school age programs. [email protected]


Achieving Inclusion

Learn how to introduce your child to the school community using a “Student Snapshot”. Pacer Center offers a helpful format to develop a student snapshot for your child. Student Snapshot – Pacer Center

An appropriate IEP starts with a good evaluation. Find more information about the Evaluation process on the Parent Center Hub.

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Supplementary Aids and Services – PaTTAN

Annotated IEP – Specifically the Educational placement pages (pg. 43 on most recent version)

Early Intervention Technical Assistance Portal

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