connect youth. create skills. build opportunities.
Who Does the PEAL Center Help and How?
  • Youth and young adults (transition age 14-26) with disabilities and special healthcare needs
    • Develop self-advocacy and leadership skills to lead their own transitions into adulthood, including:
      • college
      • employment
      • independent living
      • vocational rehabilitation
      • and more!
    • Learn how to speak up at your IEP meeting, your doctor’s appointment, or in your family and community
    • Empower youth to lead conversations and take an active role in determining their futures
  • Families of children, youth and young adults with disabilities and special healthcare needs
    • Navigate education and healthcare systems

PEAL services are available to all, regardless of your needs.  

Hispanic Student And Family Celebrating Graduation
What Types of Services Are Available to Youth and Young Adults?

PEAL helps youth and young adults connect to other youth, create skills, and build opportunities. All services are available at no cost to youth and young adults. These services include:

  1. Connecting with PEAL Youth Coordinators who can provide individual assistance by phone or email. Messages will be returned in the order they are received:
  2.  Training presentations across Pennsylvania on important topics, such as transition, self-advocacy, building friendships, and networking
  3. Online trainings and resources
      • Virtual Coffee Drop-Ins on a variety of topics
      • Follow us on our Youth Social Media for resources, to connect with other youth, and more.
  4. An online calendar of disability-related events in Pennsylvania
  5. Intensive leadership development at our Youth Leadership Academies and Empowering Youth & Families Mini-Conference Series

And so much more!

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