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The PEAL Center helps families and individuals with disabilities and special health care needs using a variety of strategies across PEAL Projects.  PEAL offers services in six key areas:


PEAL locates families and youth across Pennsylvania to share information about PEAL services, network with organizations and build community connections.

Individual Assistance

Family Resource Specialists educate and inform families and youth and support them in accessing inclusive education, health care, and community-based services. 


PEAL develops, identifies, and shares tools and materials to increase the knowledge and skills of families, individuals and professionals.

Trainings (Youth and Families)

PEAL provides high-quality learning opportunities through face-to-face and web-based training that builds knowledge of best practices and develops skills for navigating special education, health care and transition to adulthood services.

Leadership Development (Youth and Families)

PEAL empowers families and youth to become leaders committed to assisting others and working together to improve education and health care systems.


PEAL establishes active partners and builds bridges across organizations and systems, such as schools, health care providers, advocacy and family groups to coordinate supports and strengthen community capacity.


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