PEAL offers individual assistance to Families, Professionals, and Youth/ Young Adults with Disabilities

  • How to contact one of PEAL’s Family Resource Specialists:
    By Phone: 412-281-4404, 215-567-6143, or toll-free at 866-950-1040
  • By Email: [email protected]

Your first call to the PEAL Center:

  • This will start with our Community Relations Coordinator
  • They will ask you some questions, including demographic information- we are a federally-funded Parent Training and Information Center (PTI), so we have to report total numbers of who we help, and all individual information is confidential.
  • As soon as a Family Resource Specialist is available, we will call you back. If you’d rather use email, we can connect that way too.

During your conversation with a Family Resource Specialist, we’ll talk with you about your child’s situation and answer questions or work towards coming up with a plan that can use to help you resolve an issue. Our job is to empower you to be the best advocate you can be for your child with a disability. Our primary way of supporting you is to provide quality, relevant and useful information. We will help you learn your rights and the rights of your child. We can help identify which parts of Federal and State laws might support you as you make informed decisions for your child with a disability in school and in the community.
PEAL’s Family to Family Healthcare Coordinator can help families of children and youth with special healthcare needs navigate medical and insurance systems.

All information and resources from PEAL are no cost to families.

All discussions are confidential.