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Volunteering for PEAL is a great way to get involved in your community and to help ensure that children, youth and young adults with disabilities and special health care needs lead rich, active lives and are included as full members in their schools and communities.

Because all of PEAL’s services are provided at no cost to families, we rely on the generosity of volunteers and donors to help ensure every family in Pennsylvania can continue to access PEAL’s services whenever they need assistance. Your donation of time and skills will strengthen Pennsylvania families and communities.

There are many ways you can help PEAL:

Outreach, Events and Assistance

Help advance PEAL’s mission by volunteering to help us plan important events like PEAL’s Inclusion Awards Dinner and Inclusive Communities Conference by raising money and helping the public learn about PEAL’s services.

Assist with development and fundraising efforts, and general outreach support to help make communities more aware of PEAL’s services.

Exhibits and Trainings

PEAL serves the entire state of Pennsylvania, which means we attend exhibits and trainings in as many counties as we can. To expand our reach we need parents who are willing to attend events as representatives of the PEAL Center.

Donation of Professional Services

Donation of professional services increases PEAL’s capacity and reduces expenses and helps PEAL to reach more families in need. Professional services like graphic design, in-house printing, language interpretation services, translation services, recording or media studios, photography, videography, print advertising, etc.

To submit a volunteer application send your name, email, mailing address, and county
to [email protected], or contact us by using the form below: